Giant Naughts and Crosses

Giant Noughts & Crosses. Why not make your own giant size version of Noughts & Crosses using chalk and paper.

5 Seconds Rule

Peg Hunt

Peg Hunt. Clip some clothes pegs to objects around the garden. Don’t let the other person see you do this. Now see if they can find all of them.

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Giant Naughts and Crosses

Giant Noughts & Crosses. Why not make your own giant size version of Noughts & Crosses using chalk and paper.

Face Painting - Flower

DIY Face Painting (Bronze) – Everyone wants to know how to face paint, so follow this step by step instructional and start out with some flowers on your arm.

Snake Bubbles

Snake Bubbles. Cut off the top end of a bottle, pull a sock over the hole and tie it with an elastic band. Dip the sock in a mixture of washing up liquid and water and blow. Snake bubbles!

Lemon Cheesecake

Lets make some lemon cheese cake. Follow along at home with Gemma.

Sack Race

Why not use some shopping bags and race each other up and down the garden.

Peg It

Pin some pegs to each other’s back and then leg it! See how many pegs you can collect from each other.

Homemade Assault Course

Assault Course – Follow Susie and set up something similar in your back garden.

Coin on the Forehead

How many coins you can stack on your forehead without them falling off.

Handheld Maze

Today, Stephen is going to show you how to make a handheld maze from items around the house.

Colour Papers

It’s time to have some fun with this simple game you can play just about anywhere!

Pegs & Pans

Peg Right, Peg Left. Get someone to throw to different colour pegs to you. You got to catch one colour in the right pan and the other colour in the left pan.

Outdoor Golf

DIY Garden Golf. All you need is a ball, a cup and a brush. You can move the cup as far away as you like!

Banana Bread

Ever wondered how to make Banana Bread? Well, wonder no more, Stephanie is going to show you how!

Salt Dough

Lets find out how to make Salt Dough with Ashley.

World Record Paper Plane

World Record Paper Plane goes for miles, why not make your own with Susie.

Rocky Road

Who’s ready for cooking!!

Time Capsule

Do you want something to look back at in years to come? Well, today Stephanie is going to show you how to make a Time Capsule.

Football Trick

Watch Stephen’s favourite football tricks and see if you can do better.

Alphabet Hunt

It’s time for Alphabet Hunt!

You need to find an item for every letter of the alphabet starting with the letter ‘A’. Go! Go! Go!

Minute to Win It

There are 8 different Minute to Win It games available for you in our resources. Have a go of each one and let us know just how good you are!

Boy Girl

Have you got what it takes to beat Susie at Boy Girl?

There is only one way to find out, lets play!

Cup Challenge

Set up your own head to head game and see if you can beat Gemma and Ian by getting to the end.

Have fun!

Time Challenge

Try and beat Gemma at this little time challenge. Once again you can use whatever you have in the house, but here we have stacker cups, pasta, bowls, balls and a basket. Let us know just how good you are at it!

Football Keep Ups

Let our qualified football coach show you how to improve your keep ups. Who is the best in your house!!

Outdoor Darts

Let our Discovery Camp team show you how to create your own darts game. Fun for all the family.

Grand National - Pin the Tail


Lets see who is the best at ‘Pin the tail on the horse’ in your household with this nice simple game brought to you by Ashley.

Grand National - The Race



Ashley is going to show you how to make the most of the Grand National at home by showing you how to make a fun board game for all the family.

Bowling at Home

For the pins use a variety of bottles and for the bowls why not use some rolled up socks (just make sure they are clean)!

Colours in Sign Language

Learn the Colours in British Sign Language with Katie.

Lots of colours and lots of fun for all ages!

Animals in Sign Language

Learn the Jungle Animals in British Sign Language with Susie.

Lots of animals and lots of fun for all ages!

Cookie Face

Who is the cookie King or Queen??
Can you beat Ian or Gemma and get the cookie home first??   Come and have a go if you’re cookie enough!


Ever tried juggling?  Well here’s your chance.  Let Ian teach you how.

Assault Course

Try out a simple assault course.  You can use things you would find around the house or garden.  See how long it take you to get around the course 3 times over.  Show Gemma how it’s supposed to be done.

Bonker's Bingo

Now here’s something to keep you busy.  It our very own Bonkers Bingo.  Simply download the resources and you are good to go!

Alphabet in BSL

Learn the Alphabet in British Sign Language with Ashley.  Lots of colour and lots of fun for all ages!

Let's Dance!!

Can you keep up?  We dare you to try!

Come have have some dancing fun, exercise and feel great!

Run for it

Put some numbers around the room or garden.  Get one person to call out a number and get everyone to run to it.  The last person to get to the number is out!

Football Coaching Footwork

Here is a few simple football skills for you.  Toe Taps couldn’t be easier, especially when you can do them indoors or outdoors.


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