Welcome to our brand new website which is full of the colourful activities and fun that our young people make when they are with us.

Discovery Camp is a project that is offered by the registered Charity Deaf Active.

At Discovery Camp, our experienced, hard working, fun team work with children of all ages to ensure that they are engaged in activities that are both educational and physical.

The Discovery Camp team are always thinking of new and innovative ways to keep the children entertained and this period of uncertainty is not different.  As the children are no longer able to come to us, we will be providing our services online to ensure that the children do not miss out on all the fun.

We are passionate about changing lives for the better!





01. Experience

Our Experienced staff members have been through rigorous training programs which has enhanced their standard of service delivery. Not only ensuring that the children coming through our doors are safe but also engaged and included in all the activities.

02. Professional

At the heart of our service is fun, but our staff are extremely professional and engaging, meeting the needs of both children and parents.

03. Guarantee

We guarantee that the children coming to Discovery Camp we have the opportunity to learn, play and have fun in a safe environment.

04. Diverse Crew

Our experienced and quailed crew are a mixture of Deaf British Sign Language users and Hearing individuals who provide a total communication experience for the children attending. Discovery Camp staff are committed to removing the communication barriers that exist within our community.